Launching my first beta for expectant and new mums – Labour is just the beginning!

I am extremely excited to introduce my first beta for expectant and new mumsLabour is just the beginning‘!

If you have been following my work for a while, you know I am super passionate about making it a general knowledge that motherhood is far from ‘nothing but beautiful’ in order to reduce the risks of postnatal depression and support those who need it…
I was very sad to realise that the majority of future and new mums are not informed about the most important things every new mum should know about.

So I decided to do something about it!

In addition to other things I do to support my passion and goal, I am now happy to introduce this beta course that will get you prepared for motherhood and life as a new mum like no one else in as little as two weeks!

I cannot even start to explain how excited I am about this course !! When I spoke to my mummy friends about it, most of them were sorry that a course like this wasn’t available before they became parents…  And frankly, so am I.

Joining this 2-week beta gives you a unique opportunity to participate in something amazing and to learn a lot of eye-opening facts.

How is this course different from antenatal class?

Most antenatal classes focus on labour and the practical side of things like how to change the baby, how to bath them, how to feed them etc.

While this is surely useful to know, most mums (myself included) admit that things were completely different in reality and most things they learned as they went along.

I would say that the purpose of an average antenatal class is to put your mind at ease, rather than get you really prepared for what comes with motherhood.

In the course ‘Labour is just the beginning’, we will focus more on the emotional side of things after the baby arrives and cover subjects that can be literally life-changing for you and your family.

Now, what will you learn in this course?

    • you’ll explore all the changes in you and in your life after the baby arrives
    • you’ll discover new (likely shocking) information about bonding with the baby
    • you’ll learn a lot about postnatal mental health
    • you’ll learn how to keep your relationship on track after having the baby
    • you’ll discover parenting facts most parents find out TOO LATE
    • you’ll explore life as a new mum on a whole new, complex level
    • you’ll learn how to reduce the risks of postnatal depression

You will also:

    • hear stories from other mums
    • get advice from a professional midwife
    • get answers to all your questions (even the ones you are afraid to ask – especially those!) at the LIVE Q&A session with me
    • get more prepared and confident for your new role
    • explore the unspoken truths about motherhood

…and  receive these incredible bonuses:

Daily script of a new mum

You will get a daily script of a new mum so you have a better understanding of what a regular day of a new mum looks like. This will include a detailed time and activity schedule.

Personalised gift that will help you stay connected with your inner strength

At the end of the beta run, you will get a special present from me as a thank you for attending the beta run and helping me make it even better. This special gift is something that will help you stay positive and connected with your inner strength whenever you need it.

If I should put the benefits of this beta into one sentence, I would say that this is a unique opportunity to join something new and amazing that will help you as well as other mums out there to make your motherhood journey as worry-free and as wonderful as possible! 

I honestly could not be more excited about this project and I believe that it could be another significant step on the way to have more happier mums and fewer cases of postnatal depression in the world…

I’ll wrap it up here with one of my all-time favourite quotes from Steve Jobs: “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”



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