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Guest post 

Here I welcome Rachel Hunter N.N.E.B, Private Nanny, Nursery Owner, Child Minder, TA, STA, and MUM. Rachel is a Holistic Therapist & work with Women and children at R&R Therapy, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7LX.

Rachel is a postnatal depression survivor and a mum to two adult children. In the below post, she shares her experience with postnatal depression and talks openly about the trials and tribulations of becoming a mother and what she would have done differently if she had a chance. 

Over to Rachel…

I was so excited when I found I was pregnant, my husband and I had only been married 6 weeks and never imagined it would happen so fast, my pregnancy went well and when baby arrived, I was so, so happy. I had a son, I had my baby!

Over time, things started to change, my happiness dipped, although I loved my new addition to our little family with all my heart (and for that I was relieved, as I know some new Mothers struggle), life became very hard, it felt as though joy had left my world forever! I didn’t feel good enough in all walks of life, I felt I was failing as a wife & mother, in fact, in all aspects of my life! I had to detach myself from anything and everything that was negative, I couldn’t cope.

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