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Having a newborn is hard. 

And it is even harder when you have to go through it in isolation.

No baby groups, no meet-ups, no parents to babysit, no soft plays… 

It is no doubt challenging to maintain your mental health when you have a newborn at times like this. Being isolated is one of the triggers for maternal mental health issues so at times like this it is extremely important that you look after your wellbeing. 

I put together 5 simple but powerful steps that can help you to maintain your wellbeing and keep you strong. 

The more tips you follow, the better you feel, but remember that even sticking with one of these tips will bring fruitful results. 


My number one tip on general mental wellbeing and the best way to feel better instantly is to talk. Choose someone you trust and talk to them about your feelings. Do not ever keep anything inside as it will backfire eventually. The more you talk about your thoughts and feelings, the better.

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