4 Amazing tips for working mums at home



Have you tried to work while those sweet, beautiful eyes of your baby are looking at you?


If this is an uphill struggle, what about all the other aspects of a woman who strives to be a responsible mother and a diligent employee?


Being a mother and working from home is not an easy task by any means.


However, there are ways to make things easier thanks to the following tips. Furthermore, these will help increase your performance while working from home!


Sounds good? Let’s dive in!


  1. Make a Schedule

While working from home is great in many ways, especially when it comes to meeting your baby’s needs, there will be times when your responsibilities clash – and obviously, the role of a “mother” will always have to beat the role of a “worker”!

So the first thing you need to do is find out what hours of the day your baby needs you the least, and schedule your work around this time. In other words, build your schedule around your baby’s eating and sleeping routine and help the baby develop healthy habits while at the same time maintaining efficiency for your work.


However, you will likely need to tweak this plan as the child grows – so you need to be adaptable. It is also vital that your employer knows the hours you work and the amount of work they can expect from you. Ideally, your job should allow you to tailor your time to your needs.


Work that is done primarily in your own personal space gives you freedom to plan your daily activities and find the balance between family and a professional life.

On the other hand if your job is one that has a flexible schedule then planning around your baby won’t be an issue. For example if you’re a freelancer or a contracted voice over artist for a company such as Voquent, you’d be able to balance your workhours from home, while dedicating the greater chunk of your time to the baby’s care.


  1. Ask for Help

While most mothers do not support the idea of ​​assigning their baby’s care to another person, it is simply inevitable from time to time, especially for a working mother – particularly when it comes to a stressful time period. Therefore, it would be good to prepare in advance for such an eventuality.

Make a list of reliable and experienced people you trust that will help you with the baby’s care. This will allow you to focus on your job, when the workload gets heavy or when it’s a critical time for your business. Just because you’re at home all the time, doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself.


  1. Set Your Priorities

Despite your best efforts, there will be times when a situation will not develop exactly as you expected. In such cases, setting clear priorities is vital. You may dislike seeing unwashed dishes in your sink and a stack of clothes waiting to be ironed; such side activities should be postponed if you want to take care of your baby’s needs while meeting your employer’s deadlines.

If there is no one else available to offer a helping hand, such as your spouse, you can complete such tasks after first fulfilling responsibilities that take priority. A clear hierarchy from the start will save you a lot of headaches deciding what’s most crucial later.


  1. Have Realistic Expectations

This is, perhaps, the most difficult of all things, especially if you are an employee who takes her role seriously and has lots of experience in the field, while at the same time you see the work assigned to you expanding. You need to have realistic expectations and calculate not only the raised money but also the time and energy that a new project will require from you.

Explain to your employer why you are doing this. Most of them value honesty and sincerity. It’s important to remember that a good mother is the one who finds time to rest. If you reach the point of exhaustion and get sick, you will obviously not be able to perform neither as a mother nor as a worker.


The principle behind all these tips is none other than this: the right plan is the key. Stay organized, try to plan thoroughly and realistically in advance and you will soon form a workflow that will yield and allow you to be the best mom and, at the same time, an excellent professional in your field.