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I came across her one evening after having a very bad day with the boys while engaged in with a FB group.

The moment I read her story, my eyes filled with tears. It was not only the story itself that caught my attention.

It was also the strength and bravery I felt from her words. Instantly I forgot about everything that had bothered me before and sensed an indescribable rush of gratitude.

I knew I would need to speak to this lady and share her powerful story with you.
Daniela is a mother of three children.

Her oldest, seven-year-old son has cerebral palsy and cannot entirely control the left side of his body. Her daughter is nine and has selective mutism.

When her brother was in the intensive care unit, she was only two and did not understand what was going on and stopped talking. She started to worry she would get ill, that someone would hurt her, and that she would end up in the hospital on the tubes like her brother.

The youngest son is two and a half years old. From all the siblings he was blessed with good health. 

When Daniela fell pregnant with her fourth child, she was very happy and looked forward to meeting her baby. However, life is not always fair. Daniela’s baby was born dead.

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