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Motherhood is not supposed to be stressful and overwhelming.
It is supposed to be joyful and uplifting. And it absolutely CAN be! 
- Ivana Poku

This is not how you thought you'd feel in motherhood...

You thought it would be the most joyful time of your life, but in fact... you feel drained and stuck. 

‘Why do other mothers make it looks so easy?’ 
You ask yourself and secretly wish to be as relaxed, as content, as relaxed, as amazing,... as other mums.

You know you have a lot to be happy about... 
and yet, you just don’t feel happy.

Most of the time, you feel tired and unmotivated...

You juggle more than you can handle...

You feel exhausted and like you don't have 5 minutes for yourself... 

You often sacrifice your free time just to catch up on cooking and cleaning... 

You don't know who you are aside of being a mum anymore...

You struggle with anxiety and mummy guilt... 

You doubt yourself and if you are a good mum... 

You love your children but sometimes, you miss your old life...

 If any of the above (or all of it!) you, please know that you are not alone.

I've been there and with me thousands of other mums out there... 

Motherhood can be extremely overwhelming and its real experience is far from how it's often being presented on social media. You see all those perfect images of other mums and wonder how they do it to look so relaxed and happy. Well, the truth is that in many cases they struggle just like you, they are just afraid to show it. And then, of course, there are mums who truly enjoy motherhood to the fullest... (myself included). 
But comparing yourself to them doesn't serve anyone, least of all your family. 

So what you can do instead, is to enjoy motherhood and life to the fullest too! 

Easier said than done? Not really. 

FREEDOM has been designed to help you achieve just that! It helps you pull through the overwhelm, guilt, self-doubt, or stuckness and come out the other side as the happy, empowered mum you always wanted to be!

EVEN IF you feel like you can’t. EVEN IF you are a single mum to 5 children. EVEN IF if you have an unsupportive partner. EVEN IF you have 100 tasks on your daily to-do list. EVEN IF you only have 5 minutes a day for yourself. 

 You absolutely can!  

Frankly, if I could go from a deeply depressed and suicidal mum of twins to a happy, empowered mum and an award-winning business owner, then YOU can achieve anything you want, too, my darling!



  ♥️ Be free from any limiting blocks, beliefs, worries, fears, or anything else that currently stops you from enjoying motherhood (and life) to the absolute fullest

 ♥️  Be the content, patient mum who is in control

  ♥️ Have more time for yourself and the things you love

    ♥️ Reconnect with your partner

    ♥️ Know EXACTLY how to get your dream job or kick-start your dream business

  ♥️ Have the acknowledgment you want and DESERVE

    ♥️ Be the best mum for yourself and your children 

♥️ Feel happy & empowered AF!

Does this align with your desires, my darling? Then you and I need to talk!

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  • "I struggled really bad with each of my 3 daughters. Ivana's support gave me the strength back and allowed me to see things differently. It is also thanks to her I am now a different person, more relaxed, and loving mum. Thank you Ivana for being here for us, mums who are tired and stressed. Thank you for giving us the strength to get up and never give up!"
    Ivana Barancikova, Mum of 3

  • I came to Ivana for help with my anxiety issues and boosting my confidence, I had been struggling for a long time with this, around 2.5 years. I felt unsure at first as I could not really feel anything. The next day after our first session though, I felt confident and no anxiety whatsoever. I was shocked by these fast results! This has now lasted for months and even in situations that I should feel anxious I just seem to be able to take in in my stride and not get overwhelmed. I can’t thank her enough or recommend her more highly.
    Kourtnie Perry

  • I struggled with confidence and mental health issues for over 30 years (even before I had children) trying to find the right help and support. I have worked with Ivana for a few weeks now but I can already feel a significant difference in the way I feel about myself and life. She restored my faith in life and myself even though this has not been the main goal of our sessions, I also sleep better now! Thank you so much, Ivana, and I can't wait to continue working with you! 
    The client wished to stay anonymous

Why me and why FREEDOM? 

After my twin boys were born, I struggled with major postnatal depression. This was,  frankly, the scariest and loneliest experience of my life and something I don't wish anyone to ever have to go through. Saying I felt low at the time would be an understatement. 

I hated being a mum and longed to turn back time. On a few occasions, I even had suicidal thoughts. Every day I cried and was tortured by my intrusive thoughts. (Some of them really scared the life out of me.) 

I felt incredibly ashamed about how I felt and put all the effort into hiding my feelings. Outwardly, I was the happy, relaxed mum I thought I should be but inside, I was screaming. 

Today I know I was not the only mum who struggled. Even if things don't go as far as depression, being a mum is nothing like we had expected and without relevant information and support, this can easily lead to guilt, self-doubt, and severe mental health issues. 

There is no wonder though. (Social) media and the environment feed us with the illusion that motherhood is nothing but pure joy and happiness. However, this is often not the case so if a mum does not feel happy, she feels like a failure and often struggles in silence. 

I suffered in silence for the longest 8 months until I reached rock bottom and could not hide my real feelings anymore. 

That is when I spoke up. And it was the most freeing feeling I had ever experienced. 

The day I spoke up was the day that changed everythingIt was the day I decided to put a big STOP to the way I felt and do everything I could to get my power back. It took me a long time (and a lot of pain) to become the happy, empowered mum I longed to be, but god was it worth it!

What's more, thanks to this experience, I can now help you become empowered and happy in every aspect of your life much faster and with ease!  

Today, I can proudly say, that over the last few years, I've grown to a strong, empowered, and confident woman, an award-winning business owner; I gave birth to twin boys, survived postnatal depression, built a wonderful tribe of amazing mums who too refuse to stay stuck and choose to be empowered and happy, and guided many mums worldwide to become the best mums for themselves and their children - regardless of their life circumstances.

It wasn't always easy to run a business while looking after small twin boys, but the memory of how desperate and lonely I felt once is a fuel that always keeps pushing me forward.  


• You are driven by your intuition that knows that there is more to motherhood and life than what you are currently experiencing

• You are friendly and coachable 

• You are willing to do the work (as long as you have a roadmap and guidance)


• You expect miracles overnight 

• You are not willing to put work into the process 

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• 1 x 1,5-hour KICK-START session that will kick-start your transformative process and give you clarity on what exactly needs to be done to get what you want. Together, we will design a plan tailored specifically to your needs and your lifestyle.
• 10 x 1-hour mindset and action coaching sessions (4 x per month) that will put our plan into action and make you feel more empowered by the week
• Weekly homework that will give you strong foundations upon which you will build the life you LOVE
• Private email access to me for your burning questions that arise between sessions
1 x FOLLOW UP session one month later 

While working together, I use a combination of life coaching, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) coaching, and REBT
(ratio emotive behaviour therapy).

And I'll say it again: it absolutely IS possible. 

But as in everything in life, you have two options now, my darling. 

You can either stay where you are and keep trying to figure it all by yourself. Or you can take the step today and be the mum (and woman) you want to be in a matter of weeks.

The choice is yours...

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FREEDOM is valued at £1997.
I appreciate you can get a lot of stuff for that amount of money.


• take your loved ones on a lovely holiday 
• get yourself a new piece of furniture, jewellery, clothes, or shoes 
• put down a deposit on a new car


  ✔️ step into a level of your personal power that will shatter all your current limitations
✔️ get all the support and tools you need to feel empowered in every aspect of your life
  ✔️ cut weeks, months, and years between where you are and being the happiest mum you know
  ✔️ develop a far greater level of self-love, confidence, and inner peace

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All you will need is determination, a good deal of personal responsibility, an open mind and to be willing to receive a level of support you’ve never had before.


Then, my darling, we need to talk because there are real MIRACLES AWAITING YOU.

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I am a mother of twins who survived postnatal depression (amongst other things) which was frankly the scariest and loneliest experience of my life and something I don't wish anyone to ever have to go through. 

Sadly, I know I know I wasn't the only mum who was struggling. Even if things don't go as far as depression, being a mum is nothing like we had expected and without relevant information and support, this can easily lead to self-doubt, guilt, or severe mental health issues.
When I understood how many other mums out there suffer in silence, I knew I wanted to make a difference. Today, I am an award-winning motherhood coach, maternal mental health advocate, motivational speaker, and author of Motherhood - The Unspoken that offers real insights into the life of a new mum and helps reduce the risks of PND. 

I have been featured on various media outlets and am also a parenting contributor for BBC London Radio and BBC 3CR. 
If BBC trusts me to share my insights and opinions with their audience...

You can feel confident you’re getting the best coaching.

I have helped hundreds of mothers worldwide overcome fears, anxiety, worries, depression; improve their relationships; 
boost their confidence,... All in all - I helped them GET THEIR POWER BACK.

My clients say they work with me because I understand their problems and deliver fast results. 

It took a lot of time (and pain) to ge from being suicidal to being a happy, empowered mum and a successful business owner, but now I am here to help you get there faster and with ease! 

I’m living proof that it’s possible and my mission is to help you unlock your inner power
so you never have to feel stuck or powerless again!

Are you ready to take the first step, darling?

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  • Ivana is lovely, supportive and caring woman and mum. Our conversations exposed for me more different perspectives in my views of the life. Ivanka helped me with anxiety in little steps for me to understand more about my struggles. I would recommend her anytime as she really knows how to support people, she can see that every problem can be solved.
    Natalia Cervinkova, Mum of 1

  • Ivana has a deep passion for helping mothers. Having experienced motherhood struggles herself, she goes above and beyond to ensure you're well supported and able to see hope for the future. If you're struggling yourself, Ivana is the person to turn to!
    Anya Bellinger, Mum of 2

  • Ivana’s passion for empowering Mums in all aspects of their life is amazing. Such a warm and knowledgable woman who makes you feel like anything is possible..... you just have to be prepared to put in the work and trust the tools she teaches you, they are invaluable!! She has supported me in removing Mummy guilt, it was almost instant!! and I am so excited to continue the journey with her. I would recommend her to any Mum who is feeling stuck in their life!!
    Holly Durrant, Mum of 2

PhDr. IVANA POKU is an award-winning motherhood coach, author of ‘Motherhood – The Unspoken‘, mum of twin boys, wife to an amazing husband, and a believer in every mother’s power to achieve anything they want.

Originally from Slovakia, Ivana moved to England at the age of 29. After becoming a mother, she suffered major postnatal depression. 

But sadly, she soon understood she was not the only one struggling. Even if things don't go as far as depression, being a mother is nothing like we had expected and without relevant information and support, mothers can easily fall into the trap of mum guilt, self-doubt, or mental health issues. 

After she'd pulled out of depression, Ivana set up Mumsjourney and has helped mothers around the world getting their power back ever since.

As seen in...

  • Ivana has made a HUGE difference to my outlook in general and especially my mindset around what I can achieve. I have suffered for years with feelings of insecurity and feeling that, ‘I’m not good (smart, educated, etc.,) enough’. In our session she walked me through a simple, straightforward, and enjoyable process that completely removed those old harmful patterns of thinking. It was like she took me down a path where the old beliefs were shown out as ridiculous and the reality of my talents and accomplishments were finally fully accepted by me. We also tackled another big issue, my life long (and firmly held) belief that I’m ‘bad’ with money and can’t earn enough or manage and keep what I do earn. She was able to quickly and easily identify my negative view of money and replace it with a positive new one. The new one is locked in and whenever I think of money now the positive image pops up and I feel completely confident in my ability to bring as much money as I want to me. We also tackled another big issues of mine, emotional eating. I would often, ‘eat my feelings’ by stuffing myself with chocolate or biscuits whenever I felt anxious. It seems unbelievable that Ivana can change such long held and firmly entrenched negative beliefs, but I am here to tell you it is true! They are gone! Ivana is amazing and signing on with her is life changing. To top is off she is a warm, compassionate, beautiful person who instantly puts you at ease. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
    Mel Graham, mum of 2

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