November 2017
My birth story
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Congratulations, darling!! 

How exciting isn't it? Soooo so happy for you!! <3I hope that you are now passed the initial shock and that you are ok! I really hope everything is going smoothly and will continue to until the 'end'. And by the 'end' I mean actually mean the beginning as it is only after birth when all the fun begins! <3

It still feels like yesterday when I stared at the two lines on the pregnancy test myself and felt a crazy mixture of all the emotions one can possibly feel. 

Surely, expecting a baby is an amazing gift, but it is also bloody scary... 

Suddenly, it is REAL and you realise what is going to change. You try to work out so many things while keeping your mind at ease... You realise everything you will no longer be able to do and feel secretly guilty that it makes you sad... 

Not exactly easy, is it?

And then there are all the neverending questions...

Am I going to be a good mum?

Is my baby going to love me?

Am I going to love them?

Will I know what to do?

Will I be good enough?

Trust me, darling, all these emotions are totally normal, common, and only understandable. 

Think of it - your life is going to change basically from one day to another in so many ways. How could you pass this with a smile on your face and with your feet up?

Not possible, indeed. 

So, first and foremost, please know that whatever you feel, whatever thought crosses your mind (however scary), is perfectly normal. Trust me, most expectant mums feel exactly like you do now. 

So please, be kind to yourself and do what feels right for you and your family. Ask for help as much as you can and learn to listen to your guts, Trust me, you will need it!

On my website, you can find useful information, support, and answers to your questions about life after the baby arrives. 

While most classes focus on pregnancy and birth, I believe that being aware of what comes after the baby arrives is crucial for you and your baby's wellbeing.

So make yourself at home, and get ready for motherhood like no one else! 

Also, please make sure to join my Facebook Group You Are Not Alone so we can start getting to know each other now! 

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