First-Time Mum Workshop

United Reformed Church, WGC, AL8 6PS | 16 February, 2019, 2pm-5pm | price: £7 per person

  • what to expect after your baby arrives
  • things about motherhood no one tells you about (and should)
  • how life changes after having a baby
  • relationships after having a baby
  • how to deal with individual situations
  • and much more!

Discover new facts

Learn new things about motherhood that are an absolute essential for every first-time mum to know.

Get prepared

Learn what you can expect from early stages and save yourself possible postnatal problems.

Bond with other mums

Meet other mums who go through the same as you and see what their feelings and concerns are.


Ivana Poku

Mum of twins who suffered major postnatal mental problems. Ivana runs
a blog and helps other mums on their motherhood journey - especially from the emotional point of view.

Stefania Iancu

A founder of Super Hero mum movement where she empowers thousands of women from around the world with a new way of thinking and creating a lasting legacy for their families.

Behnaz Firooz

Professional midwifery advocate from the Women’s, Children’s & Imaging Division at the Royal Free Hospital.

The labor is just the beginning


Part 1 // 2 – 3.15pm

  • Meet & Greet
  • Revealing the key facts about motherhood
  • What emotions new mums experience and why
  • Life and relationships after having a baby
  • Personal + professional views
  • Open discussion

Part 2 // 3.30 – 5pm

  • (postnatal) Mental health
  • Personal + professional experience
  • Tips and advice on certain situations
  • Group work
  • Q&A
  • Open discussion

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