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Want to meet new mummy friends, 
join a space where you can be real and open,
and discover powerful tips for
happy and joyful motherhood?

Then my monthly ONLINE GROUP CALLS are for you!

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These online calls are for mums who: 

• are tired of the perfect motherhood pictures on social media
• want a supportive community where they can openly talk about their real feelings & struggles (without being judged in any way)
• want to meet other amazing like-minded mums and build new friendships
• want to discover powerful tips for happy and joyful motherhood
• want to be more confident, patient, relaxed, and empowered in all aspects of their life
• are ready to learn and take action (as long as they have the guidance) 

The idea to start these calls came to me gradually when I saw how many mums out three miss a supportive community and information that would help them pull through their struggles and feel empowered in motherhood.
While some mums are lucky to have people around them that they can talk about & get help with anything they need, I know only too well that this is not the case for everyone...

There are plenty of mums out there who struggle alone. Mums who outwardly seem that they have it all, but inside they are screaming. 

And this is exactly why I decided to run these calls... To offer safe space for every mum out there so they have the support they deserve AND the information they need to become empowered and happy in motherhood (and life).
Each call consist of two parts:

• Open chat
30-minute expert workshop on a specific issue

The subjects of the workshops focus on common parenting issues; like self-care tips for busy mums, how to manage mummy guilt, how to cope when you feel you can't, how to get your partner to understand you, or dealing with challenging behaviour in children.

The calls last 90-minutes and cost is £15 per person. 
While being a mum is amazing in many ways, it can also be the loneliest place in the world. 
It's time to step out of it and come out the other end stronger than ever. 

Does this align with your desires, my darling?

Then I would absolutely LOVE to welcome you to my first call on the 23rd of August at 10 am UK time!

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PhDr. IVANA POKU is an award-winning motherhood coach, author of ‘Motherhood – The Unspoken‘, parenting contributor for BBC London Radio, mum of twin boys, wife to an amazing husband, and a believer in every mother’s power to achieve anything they want.

Originally from Slovakia, Ivana moved to England at the age of 29. After becoming a mother, she suffered major postnatal depression. 

But sadly, she soon understood she was not the only one struggling. Even if things don't go as far as depression, being a mother is nothing like we had expected and without relevant information and support, mothers can easily fall into the trap of mum guilt, self-doubt, or mental health issues. 

After she'd pulled out of depression, Ivana set up Mumsjourney and has helped mothers around the world getting their power so they can enjoy motherhood (and life) to the fullest!

Grab a FREE self-care guide for busy mums!

The steps in this guide will help you feel calm, confident, and empowered, in only 15-minutes a day!

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