Learn the secrets to parenthood that most new parents find out too late

Including the TRUTH of what to expect after the baby arrives and postnatal depression

During the first stage of parenting I went through something that many mothers go through to an extent. A short time after the birth of my twins, I felt the first symptoms of ‘baby blues’ and after a couple of weeks I suffered from major ‘postnatal depression (PND). This was probably the worst experience of my life and I don’t wish anyone to ever have to experience that feeling.

However, as I learned later on, this is a very common problem. Most mothers do not feel happy during the first weeks or months of motherhood and yet most of them suffer in silence (even if it does not go as far as depression). That’s why I decided to deliver this workshop. To highlight that. whatever level of “baby blues” you feel, it’s completely normal and it’s definitely OK to TALK about it.

The aim of this workshop is to inform future parents and new parents about what to expect from the early stages of parenthood (especially from an emotional point of view) and what they need to do should they experience baby blues or postnatal depression.

Throughout this workshop you will learn:

  • Practical solutions to how you’re feeling
  • How to separate expectations from the reality of parenthood
  • Why you may feel like you do, and what is “normal”
  • What it’s really like to be a new parent
  • What to do if you have continued feelings of despair, sadness or failure
  • How to manage personal relationships and juggle parenthood

Professional advice

An experienced midwife will cover what to expect during this time and what is expected from a medical point of view.

Real-life talk from Stefania Lancu who has experienced and overcome PND

“After suffering from obesity, depression, and alcoholism her whole life, Stefania Iancu hit rock-bottom during her postnatal depression. Armed with devious courage and support, she regained control over her life. She created the Super Hero mum movement where she empowers thousands of mothers from around the world with a new way of thinking and creating a lasting legacy for their families.”

Stefania will also be on hand to offer nutritional advice and how you can be a Super-Hero version of yourself

As well as receiving expert advice and real-life experiences, founder Ivana will be telling her story and how she has used her experience to turn things around and apply her strategies to others in the same situation.

The workshop sessions are designed to be informal and interactive.

Light refreshments will be provided as well as worksheets and writing materials.

Important note on the attendance of children:

I do not want you to struggle with childcare, and I will always welcome your children to the event if there is a problem. However, some of the issues that are discussed during the workshop will not only be sensitive to young ears but also distracting for parents. If you have no choice but to bring your children, please can you ensure they are entertained and safe.


23rd of June 2019, 2pm-6pm

The Main Hall
Campus West,
Welwyn Garden City,

Early bird – £30 (sale ends on April 26th)
General admission – £40


30th of June 2019, 2pm-6pm
The Main Hall
Campus West
Welwyn Garden City

Early bird – £30 (sale ends on April 26th)
General admission – £40