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My name is Ivana and I am a mum of twins and postnatal depression survivor. Unfortunately, this illness is not special and more than less new mothers suffer some kind of postnatal mental problem in the early stages. 

Why is that?

Well, the biggest problem is that new mums are somewhat automatically expected to be happy. In fact, the reality is often different, so if the feelings of happiness don’t arrive, a mum feels like a failure.

My main goal is for this stigma to get broken and show the world what motherhood is much more than what people believe it is.

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Understand your feelings and start feeling better now

Tuesday 16th of July, 7pm-8.30pm

Thursday 18th of July from 12pm-1.30pm

Who is it for?

Ideal for new parents, this workshop will provide parents of the under 1s with lots of support and information and help them move forward happy parenthood. 

The event will be suitable for first-time parents as well as those who already have other children, as each experience will be different, bringing fresh new challenges with it.

In this workshop, we’ll offer you a lot of valuable and useful information about life after the baby arrives as well as different solutions on how to overcome common issues most new mother struggle with.

I run this workshop together with an NHS midwife and a fitness expert and a nutritionist and we’ll promise to provide support and information that will help you get from where you are now.

We will pay special attention to the subject of postnatal depression (PND), the signs to look out for so parents and families will recognise any issues sooner rather than later.


Joining this free live workshop offers you a unique opportunity to:
✅ Understand your feelings
✅ Discover ways that will help you to move forward happy motherhood
✅ Learn what emotions are normal and natural for new parents to experience and why
✅ Discover the unspoken truths about parenthood that no-one thinks to tell you about
✅ Learn about all relevant changes in you, your life and in your relationship after the baby arrives
✅ Hear real motherhood stories from real mums
✅ Learn useful information about postnatal depression and how to recognise and put proven strategies in place to help combat the baby blues and postnatal depression
✅ Q&A with a professional midwife
✅ Q&A with a fitness expert and a qualified nutritionist

and more!

Don’t hesitate and register for free now!


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