November 2017
My birth story
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Mother feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

You're in the right place!

I'm Ivana Poku. A postnatal depression survivor, award-nominated blogger, 

author of 'Motherhood - The Unspoken', 

and NLP practitioner.

You want your freedom. You want to be pampered. You want acknowledgment. You want to be happy.


 Let me help you... 

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I hold this space for you... space to get to know other AMAZING MUMS like you, get extraordinary support, expand your mind, and celebrate your progress.

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In most cases, the expectations of future and new parents 

about parenthood are rather unrealistic. 

From each direction, we are fed by the illusion that

a mother has to experience feelings of pure happiness

from the first moment. 

The reality is somewhat different, however...

My book 'Motherhood - The Unspoken' offers an authentic 

insight into the life of a new mum. It shows real stories of 10 different 

first-time mums (including myself) all the way from pregnancy 

throughout the first year of having a baby and, in the process, reveals 

the unspoken truths about motherhood no one thinks to tell you about.

The main purpose of this book is to help set clear expectations, 

to break the stigma of postnatal mental health, and to save new parents 

from suffering postnatal depression.

A must-read for every new mum!

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What did others say about the book?


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