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Mother feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

You're in the right place!

I'm Ivana Poku. A postnatal depression survivor, award-nominated blogger, 

author of 'Motherhood - The Unspoken', and NLP coach. 

You want your freedom back. You want to be pampered. 

You want acknowledgment. You want your children to listen to you.

You want to have more time. You want to be happy.

Let me help you...

It's time to be happy mum, beautiful!

• You wish to live a stress-free life. But you believe that stress and overwhelm is a part of motherhood life.

• You are struggling with your child's behaviour. But you believe that the squabbles, 

tantrums, back-talk, hitting, and upsets are normal in children.

• You want your freedom back. But you believe that being a mum means no freedom.

• You want to be healthy physically and mentally. But you have no time for yourself.

• You want joy. You want happiness. You want purpose


Can you identify with any of that?

Then you and I need to talk!

Motherhood is not supposed to be stressful. 
It is supposed to be free and uplifting." 
- Ivana Poku

Does this sound like what YOU deserve?

• Freedom

• Happy children

• Purpose and joy

• Supportive friends

• More time for yourself

• Stress-free life

It doesn't have to be just a wish. 

It can be your reality!

I help mothers worldwide to experience joyful, 

stress-free motherhood. The impact it has on their lives is huge. 

• They are more confident as mothers and women

• They learned how to deal with challenging behaviour in their children

• They kicked-off their dream career

• They found their supportive community

• They have more time for themselves

• Their relationships improved

• Their experience more joy in their lives



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