Hey, I am Ivana!

I am Ivana, a motivational speaker, award-nominated blogger, award-winning coach, author of Motherhood – The Unspoken, mother of three (including twins) & wife to an amazing husband, helping new mums worldwide to stop suffering from postnatal mental health issues, including depression. 

ivana poku mumsjourney postnatal depression

After my twin boys were born, I struggled with major postnatal depression which was the scariest experience of my life and something I don’t wish on anyone. Saying I felt low at the time would be an understatement. I hated being a mum and longed to turn back time. On a few occasions, I was even suicidal.

I felt incredibly ashamed about how I felt and put all the effort into hiding my feelings. Outwardly, I was the happy, relaxed mum I thought I should be but inside, I was screaming. 

Today I know I was not the only mum who struggled. Even if things don’t go as far as depression, being a mum is nothing like we had expected and without relevant information and support, this can easily lead to guilt, self-doubt, and severe mental health issues. 

I am convinced that one of the main triggers for postnatal depression are the unrealistic expectations about motherhood. (Social) media and the environment feed us with the illusion that motherhood is nothing but pure joy and happiness. However, this is often not the case so if a mum does not feel happy right away, she often feels like a failure and falls into depression. 

I believe that the best way to lower the risks of postnatal depression is:

  1. Help new parents to set realistic expectation about motherhood.
  2. Be honest about how we really feel.

With my work, I am a mission to achieve just that.

ivana poku mumsjourney postnatal depression

My debut book Motherhood – The Unspoken helps new parents set clear expectations, offers real insights into the life of a new mum, reveals the untold truths about motherhood no one thinks to tell you about, and helps lower the risks of postnatal depression, and shows you how to be a joyful, happy, and supported as a new mum. You can order it HERE.

ivana poku motherhood the unspoken