November 2017
My birth story
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DSC_1118 copy My name is Ivana and I come from Slovakia, although I’ve lived in England for a couple of years now. I live in a lovely city near London and I have a wonderful husband Yaw, with whom I have had wonderful twins, Mason and Henry. The boys come from two different eggs (diametrically different) and came to this world on the April 27, 2016 by an emergency c-section. During the first stage of parenting I went through something that probably every Mother goes through to an extent. After a short period of time after the birth I felt the first symptoms of ‘baby blues’ and after a couple of weeks I suffered from major ‘postnatal depression’. This was probably the worst experience of my life and I don’t wish anyone to ever have to experience that feeling. However, as I learned later on this is a very common problem. Most mothers do not feel happy during the first weeks or months of motherhood and yet most of them suffer in silence. That is why I decided to write this blog. My main goal is to show other mums that feeling sad or depressed in the early stage of motherhood is totally fine and natural. As a Mum of twins I offer you an authentic view into my life, advice and the emotional support. And if I help at least one Mother in a similar situation it would have been worth writing the blog. I give thanks to all my personal angels who stood by me when I needed help myself. xx