I created Mumsjourney in 2017, after I overcame postnatal depression and realised how many mothers suffer in silence due to the unrealistic expectation about motherhood. 

Many mothers around the world struggle with feelings of guilt, self-doubt, not being good enough, and severe mental health issues – often in silence. Talking about this issue and giving them guidance & support they need can make a massive difference in their lives as well as lives of people around them; including family members, friends and colleagues.

Being a postnatal depression activist, award-nominated blogger, motivational speaker, coach & author, I offer a range of services for big or small events, companies, schools & nurseries, and for individuals.

I am also being regularly invited to contribute in discussions on various parenting issues for for BBC Radio London (previously BBC 3CR). 

In 2019, I wrote my debut book Motherhood – The Unspoken that offers real insights into the life of a new mum, reveals the untold truths about motherhood people don’t talk about, helps lower the risks of postnatal depression and shows new mums how to feel happy, joyful, and supported in motherhood. 

In the same year, I was shortlisted in best Business Women Awards for Best Blogger and in 2020, I won a bronze Shining Star Business Award.

Here is the list of the main services I offer: 






Keynote speech is an ideal vehicle for corporations and events needing to address various issues including balancing work and family life; maternal mental health; adjusting to life as a new mum, and others, and help employees maintain good wellbeing and as a result better performance at work. The keynote is lively, entertaining, thought-provoking and deliberately challenges your audience. Real life stories of dealing with challenging parenting situations lead the audience to their own thinking and conclusions. I serve as an inspirational force, instigating them to believe that even as busy mums, they can achieve anything they want. 

I have run my own workshops in cooperation with the NHS midwives, and talked at several big events including Excellent Yummy Mummy Awards and International Women’s Festival Divas of Colour


My workshops are interactive and engage the audience in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject, such as becoming a new mum, maternal mental health, balancing family & work life and others. The workshops offer plenty of valuable information and space to interact and ask questions. I make sure to include engaging activities that are fun and help stress specific issue that needs to be addressed or remembered. The attendees leave the workshop feeling empowered and with a clarity that cannot be reached in any other way. 


For new mums, I help be better prepared for life after the baby arrives and dramatically lower the risks of postnatal depression or other common issues new mums struggle with. Becoming a mother is a life-changing experience many women are not prepared for. However, as admitted by the NHS midwives, most prenatal classes focus on birth and information around looking after a newborn, but only rarely on life after the baby arrives and maternal mental health. Many mothers are not prepared for the reality of motherhood so when the reality hits, they feel confused and often struggle with severe mental health issues. My trainings help prepare new mums for life after the baby arrives, build their confidence, and lower the risks of postnatal depression. 

For more experienced mums, I teach how to cope with common parenting issues such as dealing with mummy guilt; going back to work; balancing family & work life; maintaining a good relationship with your partner after having a baby; and others. In October this month, I will be delivering a training for mothers for private nursery Crown Kindergarten in Wimbledon, London.

In the past, I ran trainings for expectant and new mums in cooperation with the midwife Marley Hall who you may know from various well-known media outlets. 

In partnership with Marley, I have also created a course for new mums GET PREPARED FOR MOTHERHOOD LIKE NO ONE ELSE. The course closes the gap between expectations and reality of motherhood and helps reduce the risks of postnatal depression in new mums. 


Coaching is for individuals who want to work with me 1-2-1. My coaching sessions are intense and leave the client empowered on many different levels. 


For any requests and questions, please contact me at

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