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and discover untold secrets about motherhood and postnatal depression they don't tell you in perinatal classes

As a future mother, you probably ask yourself:

- is the birth going to hurt?

- am I going to be a good mum?

- will I know how to look after a newborn?

But have you ever thought about what happens after the baby arrives? Did you know that in most cases, 

the expectations about motherhood are rather unrealistic? 

From each direction, we are fed by the illusion that a mother has to experience feelings of pure 

happiness from the first moment. The reality is somewhat different, however...

'Motherhood - The Unspoken':

• offers an authentic insight into the life of a new mum

• helps new parents set clear expectations

• reveals the unspoken truths about motherhood people don't talk about

• helps reduce the risks of postnatal depression

• offers words of support, advice, and tips from other mum

and more!

It shows real stories of 10 different first time mums (including myself) all the way from pregnancy throughout the first year of having a baby and, in the process, reveals the unspoken truths about motherhood no one thinks to tell you about.

  • Motherhood the unspoken gives an excellent insight into some of the real experiences of mothers postpartum. It highlights not only the fact that some women don't automatically bond with their babies after birth, but also the importance of having a safe birth environment to allow the natural flow of hormones post birth. As well as offering words of advice and tips to future mums, the stories of these women show future mothers that if they experience certain negative feelings after the birth of their babies they are not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A truly insightful book and a must read for all mums to be!
    Marley Hall, Mother of 5 & Midwife

  • A wonderfully authentic perspective of some of the more challenging experiences of the beginnings of motherhood. As a past sufferer of postnatal depression, I wish this book had been written at the time because it would have been reassuring to know I wasn’t alone and the stories of battles won by the mothers featured would have given me the inspiration and hope I so desperately needed to get through it. I highly recommend this book to any new mums experiencing feelings of doubt that they can do it! 5 stars!!
    Suzanne Marshall, Mother of 2, Body Positivity Coach & Best selling author

  • A beautiful and strangely comforting book! If only this book was given to me when I was pregnant! The brave women in this book, are honest and insightful! This book gives mothers an inside view, showing that it’s not all a bed of roses although it's ok, you are not alone, you don’t have to be perfect and when you reach out for support it gets easier and the love will grow!
    Talia Zamora, Mother of 2 & Business Coach
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IVANA is a mum of twins, postnatal depression survivor, award-nominated blogger, and NLP life coach, who supports mothers from around the world on their journey.

After becoming a mum, she was astonished by how little new mums are informed and prepared for the reality of motherhood. Ivana believes that this poor knowledge often results in overwhelming feelings of guilt and eventually leads to postnatal depression. 

After she pulled out of postnatal depression, she set up Mumsjourney and support mothers from around the world on their motherhood journey and helps them achieve happy and stress-free motherhood.