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Discover the real life of a new mum and untold secrets about motherhood they don't tell you in perinatal classes.

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The Ultimate Guide for Motherhood: Feel Supported, Appreciated, and Joyful

"If only I had known..."

This book is a preparation for the challenges of becoming a mother, showing how strong mums were able to cope in different situations and how new mothers can over-carry motherhood without feeling guilt for their fluctuating emotions and thoughts.


This book provides in detail what all mothers should know and is undoubtedly a beautiful gift that you can give to any expecting or new mother so that she has realistic expectations about what it is really like to be a mother and prevent the postnatal risks of depression.


✓ Reveals untold secrets most mums wish they had known earlier...

✓ Offers an authentic insight into the life of a new mum

✓ Helps prevent/lower the risk of postpartum depression

✓ Shows you how to be a content mum with no stress

✓ Assists new parents set clear expectations

Find out what prenatal classes don't tell you…

By ordering your book today!

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  • Motherhood the unspoken gives an excellent insight into some of the real experiences of mothers postpartum. It highlights not only the fact that some women don't automatically bond with their babies after birth, but also the importance of having a safe birth environment to allow the natural flow of hormones post birth. As well as offering words of advice and tips to future mums, the stories of these women show future mothers that if they experience certain negative feelings after the birth of their babies they are not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A truly insightful book and a must read for all mums to be!
    Marley Hall, Mother of 5 & Midwife
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 is an award-winning motherhood coach helping mums get their power back

After becoming a mum, Ivana was astonished by how little new mums are informed and prepared for the reality of motherhood. Ivana believes that this poor knowledge often results in overwhelming feelings of guilt and eventually leads to severe mental health issues.

MOTHERHOOD - THE UNSPOKEN offers real insighta into the life of a new mum, reveals the untold truths about motherhood, and helps reduce the risks of postnatal depression. 

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