When you become a new mum, people say a lot of stupid things to you – however unintentionally. Some of their comments can be really damaging to a new mum’s well-being and her ability to cope. Let’s take a look at some of them! Here are 48 things you should never say to a new parent!

I recently witnessed a conversation on this subject in this Facebook group for ‘real mums’ and was shocked by what some people are able to say to a women who has just given birth!

I saw it as a challenge and decided to put together a list of the most popular (or rather unpopular) stupid things people say to new mums.

I went on social media and asked mums: What is the most annoying thing people said to you when you became a mum?

Some of their answers were amusing, some of them rather offensive, and some of them left me astonished thinking: WTF? 😲

Either way, here is the completed list of the most ridiculous things people say to new mums.

It could also be called: What should you not say to a new mum!

Have a read and add your own in the comments if you can think of any that I’ve missed!

  1. You are so tiny, you don’t look pregnant at all.
  2. You had a c-section? I’m sorry!
  3. To a crying baby: She’s not happy, is she?
  4. You should try to enjoy the birth as it goes so quickly.
  5. It’s crazy you aren’t going to breastfeed. When calves are born they would die without getting any of the initial colostrum that the mums produce.
  6. You’re going to need an itemised bill for Child support because babies don’t cost that much
  7. You can’t feel the baby move already, I didn’t at that many months.
  8. Don’t listen to your midwife’s advice, I never did it like that.
  9. You know schedule feeding is the only way to feed your child!
  10. Don’t worry, you will lost the baby weight.
  11. You are massive. Are you sure it’s not twins?
  12. Breast is best.
  13. She doesn’t look anything like you.
  14. What Does It Look Like Down There?
  15. We didn’t do that in my day and our children turned out fine.
  16. Are you sleeping when the baby sleeps?
  17. I thought you’d said you weren’t going to use a dummy.
  18. Make sure you enjoy every minute.
  19. To a mum of a couple of hours old baby: Put mittens on your son, he he needs to “explore” himself.
  20. Your son had a feeding tube? How I wish my baby had a tube…
  21. If you cycle baby’s legs they will grow tall.
  22. If you don’t do tummy time your baby will be short.
  23. You look tired.
  24. This is your third? Are you CRAZY?
  25. Did it hurt?
  26. Enjoy it, this is the easy bit.
  27. Baby is soo skinny now, are you feeding him?
  28. It gets worse.
  29. When are you having another one?
  30. If you think this is bad, just wait.
  31. I could never go back to work. I’d miss my baby too much.
  32. I’m so tired.
  33. You’re so lucky you get to stay at home.
  34. If you put him in onesies all the time he would grow up and not know how to get dressed.
  35. You look good… For someone who’s had a baby.
  36. I think he’s hungry/ tired/ wet.
  37. Holding your baby would spoil them.
  38. I was nowhere near this big when I was XY weeks along.
  39. This is your third son? Never mind, you can always try again.
  40. You should be resting now!
  41. You look great for someone who just had a baby.
  42. Your baby is small because she is formula-fed.
  43. He’s 8 weeks? He should be sleeping through the night by now.
  44. Your baby should be sleeping in her own room in her cot at 4 months or she never will sleep alone.
  45. You shouldn’t breastfeed your baby because he’s a boy and you won’t have enough milk for him.
  46. Partner of a mum with a 7-month-old baby: “You don’t get to celebrate Mother’s day because you haven’t been a mum for a year.”
  47. ‘You look tired.’

Now, I would love to know what ridiculous things you’ve heard after becoming a mum!

Let me know in the comments!

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